Watershed Management Plan & Reports

The Sunrise River WMO's activities and priorities are guided by their watershed management plan. The plan is developed with involvement from other water resource agencies, SRWMO member communities, and the public. The SRWMO's current plan was adopted November 7, 2019 applies through 2029. 

4th Generation SRWMO Watershed Management Plan:


Plan text


SRWMO regulatory standards

State approval notice

Resolution of plan adoption

What the SRWMO plan means for your lake


Plan Guidance Documents:

SRWMO Bylaws - February 2024

 SRWMO Annual Reports

Each year the SRWMO produces an annual report pursuant to Minnesota Rules 8410.0150. That includes activities, progress toward goals, and finances. Reports for each year are completed by mid-April of the following year.  Click the year below to view each report.

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SRWMO Joint Powers Agreement

The Sunrise River WMO is a joint powers organization consisting of the communities of Columbus, East Bethel, Ham Lake, and Linwood. Through the SRWMO the communities jointly and cooperatively manage water resources, particularly those that flow across municipal boundaries. The organization is operated by a board of managers consisting of two representatives from each community. The SRWMO Joint Powers Agreement provides rules and procedures for operation of the SRWMO.

Joint Powers Agreement