2020-2023 Sunrise River Chain of Lakes Carp

This project aims to improve water quality in Martin, Typo, and Linwood Lakes through removal of common carp.  Secondary benefits include improvement of aquatic habitat and improving the game fishery.  This work is a continuation of impressive water quality benefits achieved during 2017-2019 carp removals and Martin and Typo Lakes, and implements recommendations in a 2019 Linwood Lake carp management feasibility study.  It relies upon the benefits of carp barriers installed during 2013-2016.

 This project is using multiple methods to manage carp.  These include commercial seining & box netting.  These methods are aided by radio tracking of “Judas carp” that betray the location of their school, PIT tagging and real time PIT tag sensors to notify us when carp are visiting target netting areas, and other strategies.  Goals for carp removal are based on population estimates and data regarding the populations at which carp are negatively impactful to lakes.

 This project is a collaborative effort between the Sunrise River WMO, Anoka Conservation District, Martin Lakers Association, & Linwood Lake Improvement Association.  Funding is from those entities as well as a State Clean Water Fund grant from the MN Board of Water and Soil Resources.   For more information, contact Jamie Schurbon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 763-434-2030 ext. 210.