Watershed Management Plan & Reports

The Sunrise River WMO's activities and priorities are guided by their watershed management plan. The plan is developed with involvement from other water resource agencies, SRWMO member communities, and the public. The SRWMO's current plan was adopted June 3, 2010 and expires December 31, 2019.

Current Watershed Plan Materials:

Watershed Plan Update

In 2018-2019 the SRWMO is updating its Watershed Management Plan.  This plan will be valid for 10-years.  It sets priorities, measurable goals, a schedule of work, and expected expenditures during 2020-2029.  The expected completion of the new Plan is December 2019. 

The plan is in the final stages of consideration for approval by the State and adoption by the Sunrise River WMO Board.  The draft plan has been submitted to the MN Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) for final consideration. A BWSR subcommittee is recommending to the full BWSR board that the plan be approved in late October.  The SRWMO board will consider adopting the plan at their November 7, 2019 meeting.

For more information contact Jamie Schurbon at 763-434-2030 ext. 12.

Draft 4th Generation SRWMO Watershed Management Plan (9-26-2019 version which incorporates responses to agency 90-day review comments):

Plan text

Redlined plan showing changes in response to 90-day review period


What the draft SRWMO plan means for your lake

Agency comments received during 60-day comment period ending July 9, 2019 and SRWMO responses

Record of Public Hearing


Plan Guidance Documents:

Linwood Lake Carp Management Feasibility Study

Martin Lake Carp Management Feasibility Study

Plan Guidance Documents:

Previous opportunities to provide input to the Watershed Management Plan have included:

  1. May 24, 2018 public input meeting at 6:30pm at the Coon Lake Beach Community Center.
  2. SRWMO Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC).  The SRWMO called upon the CAC to advise priorities, goals and work plans through periodic meetings and opportunities for review and comment by email.  CAC members get regular email updates on planning progress.  All attendees of the May 24 public input meeting are considered CAC members unless they opted out.  Others are invited to join the CAC by contacting Jamie Schurbon at 763-434-2030 ext. 12.
  3. SRWMO Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).  The SRWMO called upon technical experts from State agencies and the member communities to structure technical components of the plan.  TAC meetings occurred August 22 and December 19, 2019.  Thereafter, at least three email-based reviews and discussion of plan content occurred with the TAC, especially member community staff regarding SRWMO performance standards for wetland, stormwater, development, septic system and related local controls.
  4. 60-day official agency comment period that ended July 9, 2019.  Stakeholders other than agencies were also provided the draft plan during this period and invited to comment.
  5. Public hearing August 1, 2019 at 6:30pm at East Bethel City Hall.  
  6. Regularly scheduled SRWMO meetings.  While not required, if possible please give us advance notice of your attendance so we can reserve time on the agenda for you.  You may do so by contacting Jamie Schurbon at 763-434-2030 ext. 12.
  7. Direct questions or comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 763-434-2030 ext. 12

Interim planning work products:

        Public input kickoff meeting and public officials tour summary

        SRWMO Board evaluation of current watershed plan and vision for new plan

        Review of other relevant watershed plans and rules

Selected Priority Issues

   SRWMO Annual Reports

Each year the SRWMO produces an annual report pursuant to Minnesota Rules 8410.0150. That includes activities, progress toward goals, and finances. Reports for each year are completed by mid-April of the following year.  Click the year below to view each report.

2018   2017  2016  2015    2014   2013   2012  2011    2010 

SRWMO Joint Powers Agreement

The Sunrise River WMO is a joint powers organization consisting of the communities of Columbus, East Bethel, Ham Lake, and Linwood. Through the SRWMO the communities jointly and cooperatively manage water resources, particularly those that flow across municipal boundaries. The organization is operated by a board of managers consisting of two representatives from each community. The SRWMO Joint Powers Agreement provides rules and procedures for operation of the SRWMO.

Joint Powers Agreement


  • Coon Lakeshore

    Coon Lakeshore

  • Carp barrier at Martin Lake

    Carp barrier at Martin Lake

  • Carp netting at Typo Lake

    Carp netting at Typo Lake

  • Lake transparency measurement

    Lake transparency measurement

  • Creek between Island and Martin Lakes

    Creek between Island and Martin Lakes

  • Typo Creek

    Typo Creek