Clean Water Legacy funds will be used by the SRWMO for upcoming stormwater retrofits at Coon and Martin Lakes, a Linwood Lake carp management feasibility study and landowner outreach to promote lakeshore restorations.


 2021 - 22865 W Martin Lake Drive Lakeshore Restoration 

2021 – Martin Lake Shores Stormwater Pond Enhancement

2021 – Linwood Elementary Rain Garden

2020 – 4417 Channel Lane Rain Garden

2020 – 3642 Edmar Lane Coon Lakeshore Restoration

2020-2023 Sunrise River Chain of Lakes Carp Management

2017-2019 Martin and Typo Lakes Carp Management

2015-2017 Ditch 20 Wetland Restoration Feasibility Study

2016 Martin and Typo Lakes Carp Barriers

2015 Coon Lake Stormwater Retrofits

2012 Martin and Typo Lakes Impaired Waters Study

2012 Gustafson Restoration, Linwood Lake

2011 Martin Lake Stormwater Retrofit Assessment

2011 Martin Lake Rain Gardens

2010 Water Quality Improvement Projects by the Anoka Conservation District

2009 Anoka County Geologic Atlas Study

2008 Martin and Typo Lakes Rough Fish Harvests

2008 Moos Restoration, Martin Lake

2008 Booklet "Outdoors in Anoka County"

2007 Eurasian Watermilfoil Signage

2006 Rogers Restoration, Coon Lake

2004 Molitor Restoration, Typo Lake

News Articles

2018 SRWMO Public Input Meeting

2017 Septic Care

2016 Lakeshore Landscaping

2015 Coon Lake Projects

2014 Wetland Protection article entitled “Mosquito Rebellion”

2013 Sunrise River WRAP

2012 Septic Systems

2011 Fawn Lake Landscaping

2011 Stormwater Cleanup Around Local Lake

  • Coon Lakeshore

    Coon Lakeshore

  • Carp barrier at Martin Lake

    Carp barrier at Martin Lake

  • Carp netting at Typo Lake

    Carp netting at Typo Lake

  • Lake transparency measurement

    Lake transparency measurement

  • Creek between Island and Martin Lakes

    Creek between Island and Martin Lakes

  • Typo Creek

    Typo Creek